Klamath National Forest proposes 1,700-Acre Siskiyou Crest Clearcut

The Klamath National Forest already has a bad track record of post-fire clearcutting. Now they are proposing a 1,700 acre post-fire clear-cut on the beloved and ecologically important Siskiyou Crest - next to the Cook and Green Botanical Area, the Red Butte Wilderness, and the Pacific Crest Trail, . Please sign on to stop this horrible proposal today!

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Send Comments for Clean Slate Timber Sale

We recently learned that BLM has recycled some of the timber sale units into a new sale called "Clean Slate" and then decided to cancel their public scoping open house.

Since they don't want to hear from the public in-person, take one minute to send in this comment - here, we make it easy to send in a quick scoping comment or question:

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Trump Administration's Attack on the Cascade-Siskiyou

August 24th, 2017, Secretary Zinke submitted a secret report to President Trump with recommendations to slash protections for the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument. This is a direct affront to the hundreds of thousands, the overwhelming majority, that have commented in favor to keeping protections for the Monument - including local landowners, scientists, tribes, community members, and sportmen. This could unravel decades of public land and water conservation opening up sensitive public lands to logging and private industry use. Zinke's report recommends boundary reductions for Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, though specific details remain unavailable to the public. Stand with KS Wild, and speak up before Trump makes a final decision.


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Don't log our Backyard Forests!

Marvelous patches of lowland forests surround the Lower Rogue, Applegate, and Illinois River Valleys. Clean water, ancient trees, and phenomenal recreation opportunities are found on these public forestlands, enriching our communities. Now, the Bureau of Land Management is going after thousands of acres of the best forests we have left.

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Worst. Logging. Bill. Ever!

Logging up to 30,000 acres without environmental review. Protection for threatened species like Pacific salmon becomes optional.Courts aren’t allowed to stop illegal logging until forests are already cut down. This would happen on every National Forest in the whole country.


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Stop Clean Water Act Rollbacks!

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is threatening to roll back the Clean Water Rule, finalized in 2015 under the Obama administration. The Clean Water Rule restores some level of protections to small streams and wetlands that were left vulnerable to pollution. Can you help us stand up for clean water? Let Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt know that you oppose clean water rollbacks!

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