No environmental review for bottled water companies in Mt. Shasta?

It’s happening all over the world. Corporations come to pristine places to bottle the priceless treasure of clean water in plastic and ship it around the world. Then all that plastic goes to dumps, is burned, or ends up in rivers and oceans. It’s disgusting. We can’t let Mt. Shasta be destroyed by bottled water companies!

Whether you live near Mount Shasta, have hiked or skied there, or have just admired it from afar, you have to agree, it is one of the most spectacular mountains in the world. Now it is threatened by corporate water bottling projects that already have a foot in the door.

For 100 years, Weed, California has shared the city springs with logging companies. Now, logging giant Roseburg Forest Products claims it owns those springs and is trying to kick the city out and sell the people’s water for bottling and export!

Klamath Siskiyou