Don't log our Backyard Forests!


Marvelous patches of lowland forests surround the Lower Rogue, Applegate, and Illinois River Valleys. Clean water, ancient trees, and phenomenal recreation opportunities are found on these public forestlands, enriching our communities. Now, the Bureau of Land Management is going after thousands of acres of the best forests we have left.

Standing alongside local communities, we asked for careful thinning around homes to address wildfire threats. Instead we are getting heavy old-growth and riparian logging that will make fires an even greater threat. To push this through, BLM threw out its promise to involve the local communities as a true planning partner. This is an outrage!

So far, this has all been planned in the Medford BLM office. So we need to take the issue to their boss. Please take a moment and send a letter to the BLM Oregon State Director.