Stand up for Oak Restoration of Oregon Coastal Forests

The Shasta Agness timber sale on the Rogue-River Siskiyou National Forest near Gold Beach targets "Late Successional Reserve" forest stands that are supposed to be protected. Instead, this project does anything but protect these stands. 

The project proposes to:

  • Log large fire resistant Douglas-fir trees to create mini-clearcuts up to 2 acres in size that would increase fire hazard. Log 14,000 large trees up to 140 years old in natural forest stands that are supposed to be protected.
  • Remove northern spotted owl dispersal habitat in forests that are supposed to support owl populations.
  • Reconstruct a washed-out road within the inner gorge of Billings Creek, creating a high risk for sedimentation of critical Coho salmon habitat.
  • Log occupied Red Tree Vole habitat causing permanent range reductions for this rare species.

The Forest Service logging proposal emphasizes commercial extraction of large fire resistant trees to produce 30-50 million board feet.  Join your voice in supporting an alternative where oak restoration would be accomplished with non-commercial techniques, harvest of small young trees and decadence creation of large trees. Please stand with us for these at-risk forests, send a quick letter today