Great News for Great Rivers!

Illinois and Smith Rivers Gain Protection - Time to Say Thanks to Leaders Who Care


The wild and wonderful Illinois and Smith Rivers just received more protection!

We send a big thank you to everyone who spoke up against pressure from international mining interests to strip-mine our beloved rivers. That's because the U.S. Forest Service just announced it would not revisit a strip-mining ban in the Kalmiopsis region. This means that more than 100,000 acres and 100 miles of streams and rivers will stay protected!

These streams and rivers are some of the most spectacular and pristine watersheds in the world, critical for wild salmon, clean water, and the recreation economy of local communities in the Illinois Valley, Hunter Creek, and Wild River Coast. Oregon and California residents, you can thank your Senators and key representatives for protecting these magnificent waters by clicking the button below.

The recent news came in a letter from Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, who oversees the Forest Service. Perdue, despite pressure by a Utah Congressman and mining interests, called the decision to withdraw the area from mining for a period of 20 years, “final.”

The area is currently protected from mining as a result of an Obama-era process that withdrew these rivers from proposed mine development. That process took years including an extensive public comment period that produced more than 60,000 supportive comments.

Senators Wyden and Merkley and Representatives Huffman and DeFazio have also introduced the Southwestern Oregon Watershed and Salmon Protection Act to permanently protect the area from mine development. This is truly a spectacular moment for the pristine streams of the Wild River Coast. Please send a thank you to Oregon Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley and Rep. Peter DeFazio.

We need to make sure when politicians do something right, we let them know.