Prevent Salvage Logging in the Klamath National Forest

Thousand of Acres of Old-Growth Reserves Near Cook and Green Pass Proposed for Logging  

Following the summer 2017 “Abney Fire” on the Siskiyou Crest, the dual nature of the Forest Service became clearly evident – while land managers in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest focus on light-touch removal of burned roadside hazard trees, timber planners on the Klamath National Forest develop plans to exploit the fire in order to clearcut backcountry old-growth reserves.

Just south of the Oregon/California border, next to the Red Buttes Wilderness, Cook and Green Pass is known as one of the most botanically diverse areas in the State of California. Please take a moment to express your support for the forests, watersheds, and wildlife of this Siskiyou Crest ecological gem.

The Forest Service needs to hear from you that wildfires should not be used as an excuse to throw out the rulebook and slick-off old-growth forest reserves on steep slopes in the headwaters of salmon-bearing watersheds.

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