Congress to Vote on Public Forests

Joseph Vaile, Executive Director

The fate of our public forests may be decided in the U.S. Senate in the coming days. The Farm Bill is a massive, far-reaching piece of legislation. The House-passed version of the bill would gut public forest safeguards, including the world-class forests in the Klamath-Siskiyou. The Senate will vote on the Farm Bill this week! 


Please take a moment to reach out to your Senators.

The House and Senate bills offer wildly different visions for our National Forests. The Senate farm bill builds on the recent wildfire funding deal and better ensures national forest health. It also renews important fire restoration programs while protecting special places like roadless areas, which in turn protects clean water, wildlife, and popular recreation destinations. 

The recently passed House bill includes fringe attacks on environmental protections, public input, wildlands, and endangered species. It would prioritize damaging logging over clean water, recreation, and wildlife. 

Take action and tell your Senators not to unravel safeguards for national forests.

Learn more about the ecology of forest restoration. 

Klamath Siskiyou