Climate Smart Conservation, Not Forest Destruction

Climate change demands action. Here in the Klamath-Siskiyou that means that our leaders must protect our ancient forests that store carbon and buffer the worst impacts of climate change. Land managers need to focus on areas that need a helping hand to prepare our landscapes for climate change.

While the Forest Service is utilizing climate principles to prepare forests and watersheds in the Applegate Valley for climate change in the Upper Applegate Watershed Project, the Bureau of Land Management is plowing ahead with its "timber first" logging agenda for the public lands around Ruch and Jacksonville.

The newly announced BEAR GRUB timber sale will target native forests in both the "Harvest Land Base" and "Riparian Reserves" on BLM public forests near homes and communities.

Please take a moment to ask the BLM to work with impacted communities and stakeholders to improve forest health and climate resilience by thinning dense, second-growth tree plantations and protecting communities from fire, while also protecting older forests with large, fire-resilient trees. 

Bear Grub Scoping Map.png