Bring Back the Condor!

Here come the condors. You have a chance to help!

The National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Yurok Tribe are working to establish a condor restoration program centered at Redwood National Park in far northern California. If established, we could potentially see condors return to their rightful habitats in northern California and southern Oregon! But you need to let them know that you support this effort.

Despite the captive rearing of condors in California, Arizona, and Mexico, biologists report that there are not enough animals for a population large enough to ensure the species survival. This is largely because of lead bullets still in use that poison the food for this majestic species. A statewide ban on lead ammunition goes into effect in California in 2019 but low compliance is expected. Oregon does not require non-lead ammunition for big game, but encourages voluntary use of non-lead ammunition.

With a wingspan of almost 10 feet, the California condor is the biggest soaring land bird on the North American continent.  It is a scavenger, feeding on dead animals—nature’s original recycler. Native people throughout their historical range revere them, and the Yurok people have incorporated fallen condor feathers into sacred ceremonial practices since time immemorial.

Want to learn more? The partners will host a public meeting on May 8, 2019 from 5:30 to 7:30 at  Santo Community Center Rm. 18,  701 N. Columbus Avenue,Medford, Oregon. We recommend you attend the public meeting and submit a comment in support of the proposed reintroduction of condors  as described in the Environmental Assessment proposed action alternative 1.    

Comment period closes June 4, 2019.

Jessica Klinke