Help Protect the Rogue Pack


KS Wild, in collaboration with a local rancher and the US Department of Fish & Wildlife, is raising money to build a fence to keep the wolves in the Rogue Pack safe. They have been caught killing livestock adjacent to where they are denning and it is feared that this will become a learned behavior for the pack, putting them in danger.

We are raising $6,000 to complete the funding required to build a tall fence, which was determined by state and federal wildlife officials to be the best way to keep the wolves away from cattle and return to hunting wild game instead.


Wolves return to the Cascades

Site of the proposed fence

Site of the proposed fence

OR-7 was the first wolf in southern Oregon and northern California in nearly a century.  After a 1,000-mile journey, OR-7 paired with a female wolf from northeast Oregon, establishing the Rogue Pack in southern Oregon’s Cascade Mountains. Together, the pair has produced several successful litters, forming the source of many of the wolves that are just now recovering on the west coast. We need this pack to be successful, and that means we need the local ranchers and wolves to co-exist.

OR-7 and the Rogue Pack have been recently identified as the source of livestock depredations in eastern Jackson and western Klamath Counties. KS Wild has long been involved with other conservation partners to develop actions to ward off future depredations. Guard dogs, fladry, and a creative approach using an inflatable tube man proved to be short-term solutions.

The Rogue Pack is located near a couple of long-standing ranches, and we want to take action to ensure the depredation of livestock does not become learned behavior for the Pack. The specific ranch situated at the crossroads of the wolves’ denning, hunting and dispersal zones, wants a permanent solution that protects the livestock while protecting the wolves. The proposed construction of a large and tall fence around the perimeter of the ranch will likely prove too big a burden for the wolves, who will turn their predation toward traditional game.

More than 90% of the funds have been raised for this project, and KS Wild is trying to help bring it to completion through our GoFundMe effort. All proceeds from this campaign go toward the fence being built by US Fish and Wildlife on the site of the ranch.