Trapping banned in rare Humboldt marten habitat!

Extremely rare Humboldt marten - fewer than 200 remain in Oregon!

Extremely rare Humboldt marten - fewer than 200 remain in Oregon!

Every once in a while, there is a bright spot in our work to conserve wildlife and wild places. And when good things happen, we need to make sure we take notice and celebrate. So when we heard that the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission banned trapping of the rare Humboldt marten habitat, we were elated and had to share the amazing news with you! 

Last year, KS Wild and allies petitioned the Commission to help the struggling Humboldt marten by banning trapping in their southern Oregon coastal forest habitat. There are only about 200 Humboldt marten left in Oregon! The Commission shapes policies on the management and conservation of fish and wildlife throughout the state. Despite pro-trapping staff’s recommendations at the Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Commission did the right thing and made an effective rule to ban trapping in Humboldt marten habitat. 

Take a moment to thank the commission!

The Humboldt marten is a rare forest carnivore the size of a small house cat. This species is at risk of going extinct in Oregon from the combination of habitat loss, trapping, and climate change. Unbelievably, it was still legal in the state to trap marten, which is why we asked the Commission to stop the practice.

Please take action and thank the Commission for protecting this extremely rare species.  

Thank you for giving a voice to the voiceless.