Zinke says log it all


Please take action, ask Congress for real solutions to wildfire

Even Zinke knows that wet season fuels reduction is a better management strategy than clearcuts

Even Zinke knows that wet season fuels reduction is a better management strategy than clearcuts

Trump's Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke visited the site of the Carr Fire in northern California that devastated homes in Redding. His proposal for wildfires: give the timber industry control of our forests.

There are solutions staring us in the face, but will the Washington establishment help our communities or hand over our public lands to industry?

We know what works:

Real Restoration: We need more forest restoration, not more clearcuts and old-growth logging. We can thin small trees, clear brush, and intentionally set controlled fires during wetter months when smoke is less likely to get trapped in valleys. This restoration will help to reduce the threat of more severe fires in our increasingly hot, dry summers. This won't stop all wildfires, but it will restore forests and create safer conditions. 

Real Funding: Tree thinning projects don’t always pan out economically. But, smaller, commercial-sized logs can be utilized by mills and there are millions of these trees in degraded forests. If we made the investment, we could have jobs, timber from restoration projects, and forests will become more adapted to fire. This is especially true near at-risk communities. 

Real Action on Climate: Research shows us that record-breaking temperatures dry out vegetation and fuel big fires. Yet Zinke would not address climate change. Instead, he wants more drilling and fossil fuel extraction from public lands.

KS Wild invests significantly in forest and landscape restoration. We are technical advisors on the Ashland Forest Resiliency Project, promote restoration projects in dozens of locations, and seek funding for restoration projects. But we also know that more old-growth logging and clearcutting will make matters worse. We deserve better leadership and real solutions. 

Please send a letter to your elected officials urging real solutions to fire!