David Johns

Portland, OR

David Johns has been involved in large-scale, science-based conservation work for over three decades. He is a co-founder The Wildlands Network and Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative and as long had a special love for the wildlands and waters of the Klamath-Siskiyou region. David is involved in other large-scale, science-based conservation projects and has advised conservation NGOs and governments in the Russian Far East, Australia, and elsewhere. David has written and spoken widely on the integration of science and advocacy and science and policy. He is author of A New Conservation Politics (2009), a guide on how conservationists can become more effective at ensuring that science and conservation values influence policy. He has published in Conservation Biology, Environmental Ethics, Wild Earth, in other journals, in edited volumes and has authored op-ed pieces and news analysis. He teaches politics and law at Portland State University’s School of Government. He is trained in Political Science, Anthropology, and Law with degrees from Portland State University and Columbia University, where he was also an International Fellow.  He is recipient of the first Denver Zoological Foundation’s Conservation Award (2007).

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