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5-Day, 4-Night Raft-Supported Hike Along the Rogue River Trail


Have you ever seen an eagle chasing an osprey, until the osprey drops the fish it's carrying in its talons and the eagle, swooping in below, catches it in mid-air?  Or watched as a dull brown bug crawled out of a river onto a rock, and split open to have a fully formed dragonfly emerge from it, dry off, and fly away? These are some of the amazing experiences our guests have had on our raft supported hikes along the Wild and Scenic Rogue River.

Join KS Wild and American River Touring Association (ARTA) on their annual trip down the Rogue River Trail.  ARTA is a non-profit river rafting company, partnering with KS Wild to create this fundraising trip.  Their friendly, helpful guides will ferry your gear and water downriver in the rafts, and also provide three delicious, nutritious meals a day.  And if you can always opt for a half day in the raft, with a half day hiking.  KS Wild will provide the nature nerds to point out the amazing plants, geology, and other wonders along the trail.  

This year's trip is now full with a waiting list, so start planning early to come along with us next year!  Dates TBA (the trips typically occur the Monday-Friday of the last week of May). Click below for more information and to get on the list for our 6th Annual trip in 2019.