Restore Applegate Forests

When public land managers propose logging ancient forests, we tell them: "No way!" We let them know that their plans will harm wildlife and our water sources, making our landscapes and communities more prone to severe fire.

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When public land managers propose to restore forests and our watersheds, we must make sure they hear loud and clear that "YES" we support their efforts. At this moment, we have an important opportunity to highlight a blueprint for protecting and restoring public forests in the Klamath-Siskiyou.

For the past year, KS Wild has been engaged in the development of the Upper Applegate Watershed Project, located near Ruch, OR. This project holds promise as a blueprint to:

  • Restore forests and streams,

  • Protect communities from wildfire, and

  • Prepare our landscapes for climate change.

Please send a letter to the US Forest Service and offer your support for the project.

With all its great attributes, we are expressing some concern with the project. As the Forest Service looks to develop a new OHV trail, we will continue to work with the agencies and community groups to limit the damage of off-highway vehicles across public lands in the Klamath-Siskiyou.

Please share with the Forest Service your appreciation for their focus of restoration and the willingness to reach out to impacted communities and work with stakeholders. The plan and process hold promise as a blueprint for managing forests in the era of climate change.