Wyden Champions Wildlands Protections

Political change isn't top down -- it's bottom up. That's what we saw today—people speaking out about how they want change. -Senator Ron Wyden, May 28, 2019

Ron Wyden held his 941st Town Hall in Josephine County, with around 100 people in attendance at the Grants Pass High School Performing Arts Center. Questions and comments from the crowd seemed to cheer on Sen. Wyden for his courage in the Senate during this very challenging and divisive moment in U.S. history.

KS Wild and Rogue Riverkeeper supporters showed up in great numbers, holding signs that read “Rivers Need Their Wildlands!” About a half dozen speakers thanked Sen. Wyden for his leadership in protecting the Rogue River and other Oregon treasures in the recently passed Oregon Wildlands Bill. People spoke of the amazing botanical diversity we have in the Klamath-Siskiyous, and the importance of clean air and clean water. There were also a number of comments about the need for further wildland protections in Oregon.

Sen. Wyden responded to comments with information about his plan for forest management in Oregon that focuses on small diameter thinning in crowded second growth forests. He also acknowledged the importance of protecting the rare treasures of Oregon’s wildlands, rivers, and tributaries. Oregon’s wildlands and rivers for the tourist industry. He pledged to continue pushing for conservation and stewardship, and was proud to say he had bipartisan support for Oregon Recreation Enhancement Act (ORE Act).


A large group of rafting guides postponed their day-long training to be a part of the town hall. Their spokesperson thanked the senator for his role in passing the Wildlands Bill, and for continuing the fight for protections with the introduction of the ORE Act. She spoke to the importance of keeping Oregon’s wild places wild, and how these added protections will directly benefit Oregon’s tourist industry.

Sen. Wyden learned from the crowd that protecting the Rogue, its tributaries, and all of the wild places in Oregon, is of utmost importance to Oregonians.  He also heard that his constituents here in southern Oregon see and appreciate the hard work he is doing in the nation’s capital to keep our lands and rivers pristine and protected.

Thank you to all the KS Wild and Rogue Riverkeeper volunteers and supporters who came out to make our voices heard. And thank you Senator Wyden for visiting our region and speaking up for the wild!