Wolves Belong Here

Wolf recovery in Oregon and California is a cause for celebration. In just one decade, the number of known wolves in Oregon went from zero to over one hundred! That includes the establishment of the Rogue Pack in southern Oregon's Cascades. Wolves are now beginning to establish in northern California after being exterminated in 1924.

Last year, Oregon wolf recovery appeared to stall. Now the state of Oregon is trying to weaken protections for wolves. We cannot return to the days of shooting wolves on sight or hunting them for the thrill. 

OR-7’s journey through Oregon and northern California has sparked a lot of excitement over the potential re-establishment of gray wolves in our region. If you are interested in advocating for the safe return of wolves in our region, please join our Wolf Pack to continue to learn more about wolf recovery and conservation.

KS Wild is taking action to protect wolves. We are founding members of the Pacific Wolf Coalition, a group of wildlife conservation groups using a variety of strategies to protect wolves. We are ensuring that wolves remain protected in Oregon and California. We have intervened in a lawsuit in California that is attempting to remove protections for wolves in the state. We are commenting to the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission, who is currently deciding the fate of wolves in Oregon. 

Take Action to Protect Wolves!