Lower Grave: Lawsuit Against Old-Growth Destruction along the Rogue River

The latest timber sale from the Medford Bureau of Land Management ("BLM") looks like it was designed by timber barons in the last century. It includes old-growth logging. It logs stream buffers. It harms salmon, spotted owls, and other rare wildlife. It increases fire danger! 

The government admits it all in their very own documents and is still going ahead with it all. This project lines the pockets of big timber, and it's illegal. 

That's why KS Wild is challenging this illegal, unwise timber grab in federal court!

We are hopeful that a federal judge will put a quick stop to this madness. The old-growth forests of Grave Creek and Oregon's Rogue Valley are no place for clear-cut logging. 

We also hope that someday the Medford BLM will finally focus on careful thinning around homes to reduce wildfire risk on our communities. They're not there yet. Until then, you can count on KS Wild to stand up for wildlife, watersheds, and our communities.

You can read our legal complaint here.