ODF DEQ Smoke Rule Meeting

Preview - ODF DEQ Smoke Rule

Prescribed fire in the wet season could provide healthier air quality in wildfire season

Please come out and use your voice at the public comment hearing for the Oregon Smoke Management Plan. We can put people to work reducing forest fuels and protecting communities before fire season. 

We can do much more controlled burns in spring and fall, when we don’t have smoke trapping temperature inversions in the valley. Burning during weather conditions that will allow smoke to rise to the upper atmosphere can protect our communities and our lungs. 

Increasing the use of prescribed fire may help reduce the amount of smoke in the valley during hot summer months. Even after forests are thinned fuels are left behind that need to be burned to reduce the chance of future fire. This is especially true now that we have hotter temperatures and longer fire seasons.

We can help fix these problems, but we need get support from our political leaders for common sense solutions.

Consider joining us at this upcoming public hearing!
WHO: Oregon Departments of Environmental Quality and Forestry
WHAT: Public hearing on proposed changes to the Oregon Smoke Management Plan
WHEN: Aug. 29, 2018 7-8:30 p.m.
WHERE: Smullin Health Education Center: 2825 E. Barnett Road
Medford, OR
WHY: Using prescribed fire in the wet season is an underutilized tool for land managers to lessen the impacts of smoke in the valley during fire season. 
Please see the attached handout for more information about the proposed changes to the Smoke Management Plan and key points you can advocate for during the public comment period. You can make written comments until Friday, September 14th at 4:00pm or come out on August 29th for oral comments!


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