Tell Public Land Managers to Stop Increasing Fire Hazard

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) knows that big, old trees are the most fire-resistant trees in a forest. They also understand that converting mature forests into dense, young tree plantations increases fire hazard. However, the Medford BLM has marching orders to maximize timber harvests over forest conservation or restoration.

Over the past year, the BLM has released several timber sale plans that are focused on "regeneration logging" in southwest Oregon's public forests. The BLM's own analysis states that "regeneration" will increase fire hazard for decades. We need the BLM to focus on forest restoration and community protection, instead of trying to maximize profits for the timber industry.

Here comes "Poor Windy"
BLM leadership has taken the position that timber production is the primary function for western Oregon's public forests. They are throwing watersheds, wildlife, and outdoor recreation under the bus, while actually increasing fire hazard and decreasing fire resiliency!

Please take a moment to contact Medford BLM leadership and encourage them to focus on restoring already-impacted timber plantations.

Joseph Vaile