Mount Ashland Lupine

Lupinus lepidus var. ashlandensis

Mount Ashland Lupine is endemic to Mount Ashland, and is found in open areas above 6800 feet on the south and west slopes and near the mountain's summit. It grows in decomposed granitic soil. There are a total of 5,000-6,000 individuals in the total population, covering am area around 60 acres.

Mt. Ashland Lupine is characterized by its size and "hairy" foliage. It ranges from 4-12 inches in height and is a type of dwarf lupine. Like all lupine it is a part of the pea family. The leaves are compound palmate and green in color with white, silvery "hairs." The flowers are tightly whorled on a stalk. the color of the flowers are blue to purple and characteristically pea-blossom shaped. According to the Forest Service, this species is threatened by the Mt. Ashland Ski Expansion.