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Western Oregon BLM Lands

An eye on press articles about the BLM's plans for Western Oregon Forests.

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Environmental News

Trends in the media about public lands policy and scientific perspectives on land management practices.

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Forests, Water, Wildlands, WildlifeKlamath Siskiyouconservation, environment, KS wild, klamath-siskiyou, ecosystem, biodiversity, water, wildlands, forests, logging, salvage, forestfire, wildfire, timber, mining, precipitation, drought, california, CA, cal fire, fire, phoenix, boise, los angeles, LA, climate, extreme temperatures, temperature, extreme heat, fire risk, arson, human-caused fire, nevada, utah, idaho, western u.s., evacuation, golden state, red zones, red zone, butte county, santa barbara, santa barbara county, fire management, capital hill, washington, washington d.c., pro-industry, industry, wildfire bill, resilient federal forests act, resilient, resilient forests, fire resilient, fire resilience, national forest legislation, national environmental policy act, NEPA, habitat, forest health, wildlife habitat, fire dependent, fire evolved, fire suppression, john muir project, federal lands, public lands, timber industry, environmental protection information center, EPIC, 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