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Celebrating National Public Lands Day at Eight Dollar Mountain

The morning of September 21st, KS Wild gathered with volunteers and the Forest Service along the banks of the Wild and Scenic Illinois River to celebrate National Public Lands Day and protect this area from illegal Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) use. See a slideshow of our stewardship action that day!

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Restore & Protect Eight Dollar Mountain Botanical Area

Defending the Eight Dollar Mountain Botanical Area, on the edge of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness, is a high priority for KS Wild’s stewardship program. Teams of volunteers have worked for years to clean up illegal dumping sites and protect the botanical hotspot from illegal off-highway vehicle use (OHV). Our goal is to install gates to prevent further degradation, and allow for an orderly managed botanical area.

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This Land is Your Land Stewardship and Our Public Lands

Environmental stewards can operate in a variety of ways: as practitioners, donors, and doers. Our staff works hard each day as practitioners, working directly with government agencies and stakeholders to promote best practices in the management of our public lands. Foundations and community members serve as vital donors, providing financial support for our work. The doers are all of you—KS Wild members, volunteers, interns, and partners—who take part in our work, voice your support for public lands, or even just get out on a hike.

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